💥New Year Promotion💥Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum
💥New Year Promotion💥Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum
💥New Year Promotion💥Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum
💥New Year Promotion💥Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum
💥New Year Promotion💥Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum
💥New Year Promotion💥Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum

💥New Year Promotion💥Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum


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Other robot vacuums on the market are either stupid navigation or can only empty the grimy dust bin manually, and many of them do not even come with both vacuum and mop function. They may not have much practical application and finally becomes a decoration only.
Here we introduce the XCLEA H30 Plus robot vacuum and mop 2 in 1 cleaner for you, with its own self-emptying dust collection base that can completely free your hands.

The dust box of most robot vacuum cleaners can only pick up dust under the suction mode, and most robot vacuum & mop cleaners do not pick up dust when the water tank is attached and the mopping mode is on. None of them can be fully automated. The XCLEA intelligent self-emptying dust collection base structurally optimizes the robot vacuum and the dust collector to achieve genuine full automation. You no longer have to remove the water tank manually before switching to the dust collection mode. It’s all about convenience, save you lots of time and effort.

The 23 Kpa suction power is equivalent to a 3 meters of water column. Under such strong pressure, the self-emptying base will suck to remove all the hair and large particles from the dust bin of the robot. At the same time, XCLEA optimizes the transmission structure and adopts the transmission method of direct suction to reduce the whirling of dust and dirt in the channel without causing blockages. Avoiding the trouble of dredging and maintenance. XCLEA is added convenience and peace of mind to your life.

A 3L oversized dust bag is provided in the self-emptying base, which has a large holding capacity equivalent to 30 dust bins. It can hold up to 2000m² area of dust. Greatly reduces the frequency of dust disposal by yourself, keeps you hands clean at all time. Moreover, you’ll be worry free from bacteria and odor with its unique antibacterial and deodorizing system. Simply dispose the bag whenever it’s full.

The attached mop pad on XCLEA closely hugs the ground and cleans the most stubborn dirt and stains from the floor. The unique mopping path imitating human action of mopping, makes cleaning more systematic and efficient.

With a large 250ml smart controlled water tank and 3 levels of water flow control, enough to clean a house of 300m² easily. The precision electronic-controlled water tank creates an even mopping, without leaving any watermarks on the floor after air dry.

Ultra-strong suction power up to 2700Pa for deep cleaning, can easily pick up dust, dirt, peel, crumbs, cat litter, hair and so much more. Make floor and carpet cleaning more efficient.

The 2 dynamic variable-speed sides brush adjusts their speed automatically according to different cleaning situation along the edge and corner. Leaving no trace of dust. Thereby improving cleaning quality.

The high-precision filtration of XCLEA, leaving it more meticulously clean. The big suspension suction inlet is close to the ground for deep cleaning, which greatly enhance the cleaning efficiency. Easily get all the embedded dust out of floor’s grooves.

XCLEA can sense the environment and figure out an optimized cleaning routine instead of spinning around randomly. The LDS 4.0 LIDAR Navigation and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) Technology makes XCLEA the smartest ever just like a super-intelligent robotic “brain”. Utilize a various of detection sensor, infrared cliff, wall, collision sensors plus electronic compass, accelerometer, speedometer etc. XCLEA can 360° scan around to memorize its position and planned route, that can prevent it from falling down the stairs, get rid of common pitfalls, find its way out of trouble spots and keep all your valuables safe.

With the latest map management system, the AI algorithm allows XCLEA to partition your home map into individual rooms and identify different area to make it easier for spot cleaning.
You can even merge, label and rename the rooms. Achieve preset cleaning route or schedule the time to clean designated rooms. Cleaning has never been so easy!

Unlike many traditional robot vacuums, XCLEA can recognize different floors of a home and save the maps automatically which is great for multi-level homes. No need to rebuild map. It can even match and switch between the maps automatically, that leads to improvement of cleaning efficiency.

Use the XCLEA APP to set up “No-Go Zone” (from 0.5m to 10m) to protect your valuables.

XCLEA  can go exactly where you want it to. Free to redefine and adjust its cleaning behavior accordingly. Simply point on the map to clean wherever you want. It helps to save lots of time, compared to other robot vacuums that can only clean the entire area all over again.

Slim design is so small

The cleaning range is wider and more flexible to deal with dead corners,such as the sofa bed.




Special note: does not include charging base stations